Appointment Only + Subscription Service

Call (660) 864-0039, or make an appointment at 209 N Holden St, Warrensburg MO, for a free consultation on all your IT repair needs.

PCMR has made the switch to appointment only due to the coronavirus. We want you to be safe and able to comfortably walk in without fear. To maximize safety and cleanliness, we are only serving appointments for now. We hope this passes fast and will do our part to help out.

We now offer a device protection subscription service that keeps your device or devices constantly protected. This is useful for if you have to use your smart device or computer for extended periods of time or can't afford for them to be out of commission too long. The advanced version of this offers 500GB+ data backup, antivirus protection, and more.

$10 off your first month of device protection with the code WFH2020 at the checkout. If interested, go here:

We continue to use thorough cleaning methods across the store on all surfaces with Clorox and Lysol, just as we recommend you do for surfaces and commonly used devices within your home. Stay safe and we wish you the best.

Have a roundup of some photos from the past week you can find more of on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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