Happy Holidays from PCMR!

Wow it's almost 2020? A new decade is coming, and with it a new decade for Missouri. For technology. For PCMR. And for you.

We can't bring you the sky and the ocean in a single message giving you all you deserve, but we at least wish you a Happy Holidays. You deserve it. You really do. No matter what corner of Missouri you are in, or corner of America, no matter where you are in life and the world, you deserve happy holidays. We truly hope you and your community are happy and ready to tackle this decade. If PCMR can give you some fast reliable quality repair for your computer, phone, console, or network, then we'll be happy to have helped you and your community along the way. #PCMRFixesIT

Happy holidays from Patrick Cymer and Max Ridenhour!

Have a digital stocking stuffer of infographics you can find on the website, and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tech Graphics: We absolutely love computers and the Internet; have some reliable info.

Gaming Info: Gaming has so much fun information; have some fast facts.

MO Graphics: PCMR cares deeply for Missouri; have some quality infographics.  

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