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PCMR Tip #21

A PC can do relatively everything a computer tower can do but more portably. The main one-up of computer towers is it is easier to pick and rearrange their parts for one's preferred aesthetics, capabilities, and budget.

PCMR Tip #22 There is an extension or program to block almost every ad you see on websites and applications. And when there isn't, there is usually an ad-less alternative site or app that works just as well. Though, some people just like ads. Your call. PCMR Tip #23 Just because the computer tower is covered in pretty lights doesn't mean it works any better than Windows 2000. Never buy a computer without checking and researching every last spec -just 1 weak spec can ruin the whole experience. PCMR Tip #24 When making images, png is the highest quality image format, but it can take up too much space for uploading on websites. jpeg is better for uploading online because it's typically smaller size. gifs are useful for animated dank memes. PCMR Tip #25 Computer randomly shutting off, or suffering clear heating problems? -get a laptop cooling pad, or place an ordinary fan behind the computer and see if that fixes it. Better than spending hundreds on a new computer.

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PCMR Tip #26 Look it up online and search thoroughly. 90% of the time the answer is already out there. Makes you smarter and saves you time and money. Especially applies with computers.

PCMR Tip #27 Like a brain that spends all its time watching reality TV, your devices can have their memory wasted. Check for adware and malware, check for useless programs and over-sized files, and get rid of that garbage.

PCMR Tip #28 The better computer is not the more expensive computer. The better computer is the one you researched and understand.

PCMR Tip #29 Press Tab to go to the next text box, when filling out multiple online text boxes, and Shift+Tab to go to the previous. Faster than hammering your mouse on every single field you need to type in -great for online forms.

PCMR Tip #30 In a few years any computers you have will be outdated and in a decade you'll probably want to replace them. Time cheapens most electronics. If you liked these tips be sure to hit our social media icons below to follow us, and if you want to support us visit PCMR the next time you need tech repairs!

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