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PCMR Tip #1: Nothing is unhackable. The securest place for information is your organized mind and papers. PCMR Tip #2: "Artificial intelligence is not a threat to humanity," and "I am not an AI," are things an artificial intelligence could say. PCMR would like to remind you that we are not a threat to humanity nor are we an AI. PCMR Tip #3: An expensive computer can be cheaper to build than to buy -until you break it trying to download Minecraft 2. PCMR Tip #4: To keep your computer running fast, clean the junk out of your hard drive. It's just as fun as cleaning a real room. PCMR Tip #5: Downloading browser extensions makes online life much easier, but some can slow down your browser, as can too many running at once. Treat them like members of your dream football team and cut the players that slow everyone else down.

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PCMR Tip #6: Cleaning up your desktop by deleting junk and organizing files into folders does wonders. It can slightly improve the computer's speed, and deleting that stressful screen clutter is as satisfying as a deep breath of Spring morning air. PCMR Tip #7: There's no shame in shortcuts. Right-click any program, select Properties, go to the Shortcut tab, and select the box next to "Shortcut key". Press whatever combination of keyboard keys you want, and you can open that program with those keys. PCMR Tip #8: You, unlike the billions of people before you, are able to access the majority of modern knowledge with the Internet. Do what they could not. Watch funny cat videos. PCMR Tip #9: Can't find Windows files? -Google an app called Everything and download it from It lets you find most files in your computer quickly while normal Windows searches miss files. Just another feature Windows should have come with. PCMR Tip #10: Ever accidentally closed a tab and wanted to quickly reopen it? Just press these three buttons at the same time: Ctrl+Shift+T. Never again do you have to suffer going through the history menu to refind that tab. If you liked these tips be sure to hit our social media links to follow us, and if you want to support us visit PCMR the next time you need tech repairs!

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