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Here's our top 10 PC and Tech Tips! See our previous email for PCMR Tips 1-10.

PCMR Tip #11: Every channel offered by Spectrum TV can be watched live in your Internet browser at -it's a feature not every Spectrum customer actually knows about. Something to use the next time you're out for a long time. PCMR Tip #12: Computer peripherals like mice and keyboards are like any other tool; buy at a low-to-fair price, but when they break, buy them well-made. That's because you then know how hard you use them and can better guess what specs you really want. PCMR Tip #13: A computer that does not have its memory regularly backed up to a separate memory storage unit, whether physically or online, is much like a glass house beneath a rocky cliff. PCMR Tip #14: It is often claimed that PCs deliver the ultimate gaming experience. If money is no object, this is only sort-of true. Consoles these days, and especially the ones coming later this year, are similarly powerful but cheaper. PCMR Tip #15: There are many free applications that can emulate phones, computers, and game consoles. Some can require a beefier computer, but they can be useful for safely testing if applications have malware or work properly inside them.

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PCMR Tip #16: Regularly wipe down your tech, and the area you use your tech in, with cleaners like Clorox and Lysol. You never know what unseen virus you just cleaned, or what unseen spider you'll save yourself from. PCMR Tip #17: When working from home on the computer, sound and communication are often key. It's useful to have noise-cancelling headphones, a video talk application like Zoom or Skype, and a text chat application like Slack or Discord. PCMR Tip #18: Ow my wrists hurt from all this typing and mouse use! -is this you? Get a keyboard/mouse wrist rest with cooling gel/memory foam. It's not just comfortable -it prevents damage to your wrists. PCMR Tip #19: Can't find Windows files? -Google an app called Everything and download it from It lets you find most files in your computer quickly while normal Windows searches miss files. Just another feature Windows should have come with. PCMR Tip #20: Whatever you want to say, whatever you want to learn, it can almost always be done with any normal computer. The main barrier is over-indulging the Internet's distractions -and distractions in general. Stay focused. If you liked these tips be sure to hit our social media links to follow us, and if you want to support us visit PCMR the next time you need tech repairs!

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