PCMR News: Still Kicking, Appointment Only, Offering Protection Subscription

Many businesses are being forced to close doors due to the Coronavirus -and we are for now appointment only because of this. This means our store is clean and safe to bring computers into because we are both keeping it clean and only entering it when necessary. 

If you need a device fixed whether it's your smart phone, tablet, game console, or computer, you can call (660) 864-0039 and we will get you an appointment set up.

Many of us need our devices quickly repaired at an affordable price in the long-term -which is why we have a protection subscription. For $15 a month you can protect a single device, or for $35 a month all devices for 2 people (with many additional benefits) will be protected. This is to ensure while at home, you can rest assured your devices will be quickly repaired at a price you can manage.

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