PCMRn't Slowing Down

You deserve to know what's going on at your local PCMR tech repair company.

For starters, hi mom hi dad I'm a real Marketing Assistant! PCMR decided to invest in me, Jack M. Ventimiglia III. I'll bring you deals, updates, and our best content every two weeks. And if that's annoying, please don't stop supporting us online this job helps me. ;-; *sad violin*. I am truly grateful for the support of my parents and this opportunity from PCMR.

We fix PCs, Mobile Phones, Networks, and Game Consoles. In case you didn't know: #PCMRFixesIT Fun fact about us: PCMR stands for our owners' initials, Patrick Cymer and Max Ridenhour. Wait you thought it stood for what? -no, no that's absurd.

So basically, we're ready to repair any IT Missouri can throw at us, and if you don't care about any of that, please enjoy the social media graphics and information we offer.

And to cap this all off, have a roundup of our graphics you can find on the website, and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

MO Graphics: PCMR loves our state; have some quality infographics.

Tech Graphics: We absolutely love computers and the Internet; have some reliable info.

Gaming Info: Gaming has so much fun information; have some fast facts.

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