The Story of PCMR

How we got to 209 North Holden Street, Warrensburg, Missouri.

#PCMRFixesIT Nov. 2017, before Thanksgiving, Patrick Cymer asked Max Ridenhour if he wanted to start some kind of computer repair business. Warrensburg citizens lacked a quality trustworthy PC, tablet, smart phone, and console repair place. Tech just kept getting more plentiful and complicated in Missouri so it only made sense to fill that void. 9 at night, they went to McDonalds to talk it over. Patrick suggested working out of one of their homes as it could be cheaper, but Max wanted a better place.

They settled on an upstairs area at the center of town at 125D North Holden St. There, The Dreaded Stairs of PCMR up to that area would haunt countless legs for over 2 years.

PCMR was chosen as the name, after Patrick Cymer's and Max Ridenhour's initials. Legally they had to wait for Max to turn 18 to form the business, but finally, on January 11th, 2018, their LLC was signed making PCMR an official Missouri business. On August 20th the ribbon was cut declaring PCMR open.

PCMR had a humble beginning. Patrick was in college. Max was in high school. Both worked minimum wage. The business was in the negative financially when it first started. PCMR didn't have more than $100 in the bank for its first 6 months, and it wasn't until around July 2019 that PCMR began turning some profit, nearly 2 years after its founding.

Brett Wampler was their first employee. He was informally interviewed at a Chipotle, and later went to see a movie with Patrick at the local AMC. While watching Black Panther, Patrick leaned over and said "By the way, you got the job."

I, Jack M. Ventimiglia, was hired in November, 2019, to market PCMR. It was more formal; wearing my suit, going through the staple interview questions -the usual back-and-forth. With me on-board we were able to get some fancier graphics and stats up, more useful tips and info, and during moving, some quality photos and videos.

On February 4th, 2020, we were open for business at the ground-level location 209 North Holden Street. Hard work and patience making the best of what we had propelled us this far, and we aren't stopping our pursuit of fast reliable quality services any time soon. Thank you Missouri.

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