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About PCMR

More Than Just IT Support

Leading Missouri's transformation into a premier Midwestern tech hub is our mission at PCMR, LLC.


Situated in Downtown Warrensburg, MO, we are a dynamic computer services business that serves both individual customers and businesses alike. Our expertise spans across an extensive range of devices, including computers, servers, mobile phones, networks, tablets, and gaming consoles. We offer prompt, dependable, and high-quality support and repair services tailored to your needs.


But at PCMR, we are more than a technology solution provider. We are a partner in your success. We aim to empower our clients in Missouri to achieve superior operational performance, enabling them to devote their energies to their lives and businesses. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that our clients stay one step ahead of the constantly evolving technological landscape in Missouri, thereby amplifying their success.

Just walk in at 107 E Culton St.

Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-12pm.

Call us at (660) 864-0039.

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Our Story

How we got to 107 E Culton St.,

Warrensburg, Missouri.


In November 2017, just before Thanksgiving, Patrick Cymer and Max Ridenhour saw a need in our beloved hometown of Warrensburg, Missouri. People were searching for a reliable, trustworthy place for their PC, tablet, smartphone, and console repairs. Recognizing this gap, Patrick and Max proposed the idea of PCMR, intending to fill this void with a service that would prove invaluable to our community.

Late one night in a local McDonald's, our founders discussed the future. The decision was made to set up shop in a professional workspace, separate from their homes. The chosen location was an upstairs incubator office with Warrensburg Main Street at 125D North Holden Street, situating us in the heart of our community.

Our company name, PCMR, cleverly combines the initials of Patrick Cymer and Max Ridenhour. We had to wait for Max to turn 18 to officially register the business, but on January 11th, 2018, PCMR was officially born as a Missouri business. The grand opening followed on August 20, 2018, marked with a ribbon-cutting event hosted by the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce.

The early days were a testament to resilience. With Patrick in college and Max in high school, and both founders working minimum wage jobs, it was a challenging start. It wasn't until July 2019, nearly two years after our inception, that PCMR began seeing the fruits of our labor.

February 4th, 2020, marked a major milestone for us at PCMR. We moved to a more accessible, ground-level location at 209 North Holden Street. This new space allowed us to interact more directly with our community, facilitating better service and stronger relationships.

On April 1, 2022, we embarked on a new chapter, relocating to our present premises at 107 E Culton St. This move wasn't just a change of address, it was an upgrade, a physical manifestation of our growth and progress. Our new location gave us more space to operate, the ability to accommodate more customers, and a renewed commitment to serving our community.

As we stand today, PCMR is not just a business; it's a story of determination, a commitment to our community's technology needs, and a group of dedicated employees, relentlessly working to bring you the best service. We're excited about our future and invite you to be a part of our journey.

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