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At PCMR, we are the experts in designing and deploying reliable, high-performance low voltage network infrastructures. Our skilled technicians excel in running and terminating CAT6, Coax, and Fiber cabling, creating the backbone of seamless connectivity for your business.


When you choose PCMR for your low voltage network infrastructure installation, you gain a partner dedicated to transforming your business's connectivity. From planning to implementation, our team is committed to delivering an infrastructure that supports your business's unique needs and exceeds your expectations.

Network Hub and Cable

CAT6 Cabling Solutions

CAT6 cabling forms the bedrock of modern network connectivity. Our technicians meticulously install and terminate CAT6 cables, ensuring optimal data transmission speeds and reduced signal interference.

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Coaxial Cabling Expertise

For various applications, including cable TV, security cameras, and multimedia distribution, our Coaxial cabling solutions deliver top-notch performance and enhanced signal integrity.


Fiber Optic Installations

Experience the unparalleled speed and bandwidth of Fiber Optic cabling. Our Fiber installations are designed for efficiency and long-term reliability, facilitating ultra-fast data transmission over long distances.

Why Choose PCMR for Your Network Infrastrcture ?

Choose PCMR for your low voltage network infrastructure installation and experience the advantage of industry expertise, customized solutions, efficiency, and precision. Our reliable network solutions minimize downtime and ensure seamless data transmission. Trust in our commitment to compliance and quality, building a strong network foundation for your business's future success.

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